“Only Angels” – ‘Astrid’

‘Astrid’ was part of my graduate collection called “Only Angels” and is a twist on Dracula. I love the silhouette of what is known as Dracula clothing, which is Gothic inspired and consists of glorious tailored clothing but as the name suggests, is dark in color (mainly black, dark green and deep purple). I wanted to use a similar silhouette but keep it light, bright and cheerful in color.
With this character I chose one opposite to Dracula himself, or what the legend holds anyway, ‘Astrid’ is light, friendly and a day version of a vampire. I kept the tails on the cropped jacket but used bright colors and a floral print I just adore, partnered with a pair of tailored trousers in the same print, finished of with a long sleeved duo-tone top.
(Model: Chloe Mcleay – location shoot)
(Model: Natascha Storm – Phoenix Graduate Runway Show 2018)