Hokonui Fashion Design Awards 2019

My entry into the “Apparel Magazine Recycle Section” at the Hokonui Fashion Design Awards was inspired by the 1940’s and was constructed entirely using industry waste and fabric from a recycled floral dress. The buttons used on the short sleeved top were salvaged from recycled clothing and the elastic on the mid-calf length skirt was from industry left-overs.
I had a lot of fun designing this outfit, I particularly love how the skirt falls and the color combination of the entire look. The top is primarily made of cotton and cotton blend left overs and the clutch is made from the same fabric and is super cute.
Photoshoot on location in Invercargill CBD.
Model: Chloe Mcleay

On the runway at the 2019 Hokonui Fashion Design Awards in Gore, July 27th.