A day at the races

After a hiatus of nearly 10 years I once again set foot on a racetrack, the horse kind that is. Having spend most of my life surrounded by horses, working in racing stables, eventing and polo yards, both here in New Zealand and overseas in America & Canada, a change in direction in my career and personal life took me away from the horses. BUT I’m so glad to say, I’m back, I’m getting my regular equine fix, well I was until New Zealand went into lock-down due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
I started my professional photography career photographing Standard-bred racehorses, Harness Racing is where my heart lies, but I’d happily photograph any horse for that matter. To say I’m glad that I still get a thrill of capturing the beauty of such a soulful animal is an understatement.
I had a fabulous day at the historic Young Quinn Raceway in Wyndham, Southland, NZ. The sun was beaming, the horses were fabulous – I was a little rusty for the first few shots but you know what they say about riding a bike, or riding a horse – you never forget.
I’m looking forward to the next time, whenever that may be after New Zealand recovers from this pandemic. Until then the memories will linger and my lifelong fascination & admiration for this noble being continues.

“Crusher Collins”
“Gershwin” and “Nottingham K Two”
“Onedin Hurricane”
“Sekkie Monkey”, “Humble Lad” and “Full Noise”