“Best Presented Horse” vouchers, Winton Harness Racing Club

I had the pleasure of not only photographing all the gorgeous horses racing at Winton Harness Racing Club’s meeting at Central Southland Raceway yesterday, but also sponsor & select the best presented horse in each race. Making a selection was more difficult than I thought it would be as there were so many to choose from! Thankfully I had a few spare vouchers which came in handy when I couldn’t just single one horse out.

The best presented horse received a voucher for a free “Barn Promo Sign” for their trainer. My ‘Barn Promo Signs’ are A3 laminated prints showcasing stables or a particular horse(s) in a unique design. Lightweight, durable, easy to hang and move, these signs feature individual designs just for their trainers (each one is different).

If your horse was selected and you wish to redeem your voucher simply email me the number on your voucher, the horse that was selected and what you would like on your A3 print, it does not have to be the horse that was selected. As long as I have an image of your chosen horse I can design you something. My email is monicatoretto@gmail.com, or flick me a text/call 0204 113 9512 to discuss your design.
Vouchers are valid until December 01, 2021.

Below are examples of recent designs.