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About my designs:
I’ve been fascinated with the fashion world for some time so when the opportunity to study fashion presented itself I grabbed that chance with both hands. I loved my nearly 4 years of full time study; I relished in the history, the artistic process and the practical skills we were taught and I proudly graduated with a Bachelor of Fashion (Design & Technology) in 2018. I now design mainly to combine fashion with photography by designing ‘looks’ (garments) for concept photo-shoots, as well as alternative evening wear, street wear or some extra flamboyant pieces for shows.

I have experience designing & making costumes for musical theatre and was part of the design team that designed the official Southland Stags (rugby) playing & training shirts for their 2017/2018 season. My first entry in the FibreOctave Wearable Art show was awarded 3rd place in 2019. I had my first solo fashion runway show in April 2021 in Invercargill and enter annually in the Hokonui Fashion Design Awards held in Gore, Southland. While I don’t design full time, I still love the process of seeing something come to life from initial concept drawing to being worn by one of our fabulous models at a photo-shoot and being able to share a piece of my creativity with the world.

All the pieces listed here are for sale but staying true to my slogan of ‘1 of 1’, they are only available in the design, color and size listed. I don’t mass produce anything, each piece is as unique as the person who ends up wearing it. Each piece is original and does not follow any particular ‘trend’ or ‘fad’, they are timeless but can easily be incorporated into your existing wardrobe to be worn and treasured season after season.

Available only through the website, pop up shop or after a show – they are too special to be found in your local department store.
By purchasing one of my garments you know you are getting a distinct slice of creativity that only you will own. There really isn’t another quite like it!
Thank you for supporting a New Zealand designer.

Feel free to email me with your order or any questions, .

Postage within New Zealand $7.00.
Worldwide shipping available upon request.