Solo fashion show announcement

When I graduated at the end of 2018 with a Bachelor degree in Fashion Design one of my goals was to have a solo fashion runway show in Invercargill. Having experienced the thrill of seeing something you’ve dreamed up, designed and then made on a glamorous model in front of people on a runway is very surreal. It’s a feeling that is difficult to describe but it’s something I wanted to experience again, but this time have total control of the concept, of the location, of the vibe, the music, and most of all create a completely different type of runway show, something fun, something spectacular & something perhaps unexpected.

I’m honored to be able to showcase my designs at the fabulous Tuatara Lodge Cafe + Bar in Invercargill, a business that supports Southland artists of all genre, plus their menu is the best in town by far! I am equally blessed to have full support, encouragement and help from Invercargill Models Collaborative, whose models will not only walk the runway, but the creative team behind the scenes I am so incredibly proud to be part of and which should be the envy of many big production houses.

I could not do this without you all ~ thank you for turning my dream into reality XX