Trainer’s albums

Due to the amount of extra photos I take at each race meeting, be it in the birdcage, at the stables or during prelims warming up ~ I have tons of beautiful photos that would not normally see the light of day. So to show them off in all their glory I have created a Facebook album for individual trainers where their horses’ photos will be uploaded as I edit them, going right back to June 2020. These albums can be found on my Facebook page, click this link, under ‘albums’, click ‘see all’ and scroll down until you see the trainer’s name.

More trainers are added as I edit the extra photos regularly.

Prints can be purchased of these photos and I’m happy to email a copy of these social media files to trainers, jockeys & drivers if they wish to include them on their own social media, websites or owner communications, just flick me an email at
Below are just a couple of examples.

Mary Robyn
Arco (Ellie Barron)
Matrika with driver Blair Orange
Tiger Moth with Samantha Ottley
Matrika (Blair Orange) emerging from the dust
Kiwi Heir (Rory McIlwrick)
Tartan Roxy with Nathan Williamson
Pretty Azz with Mark Hurrell
Money Honey